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George Soros Quantum Fund 19 years
James Rogers Quantum Fund 11 years
Paul Tudor Jones Tudor Futures Fund 5 years
Philip Carret Pioneer Fund 55 years
John Neff Windsor Fund 24 years
Peter Lynch Magellan Fund 11 years
George Michaelis Source Capital 15 years
Ralph Wanger Acorn Fund 10 years
Paul Cabot Harvard Endowment/ State Street Over half-a-century
Philip Fisher Independent N/A
Benjamin Graham Graham-Newman Corporation 20 years
Tweedy, Browne & Co. TBK 20 years
Stanley Kroll Kroll, Dallon & Company 3 years
T. Rowe Price T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Fund 38 years
John Templeton Templeton Growth Fund 20 years
Robert Wilson Independent Short Seller 20 years
Bruce Kovner Caxton Corporation 10 years
Michael Steinhardt Steinhardt Partners 20 years
Monroe Trout Trout Trading Fund 5 years
Stanley Druckenmiller Quantum Fund 12 years
Richard Driehaus Driehaus Small Cap Fund 12 years
Robert Gillam McKinley Capital Management 6 years
Mario Gabelli Gabelli Associates Limited 9 years
Dr. Martin Zweig Zweig DiMenna Fund 19 years
John Armitage Egerton Capital 6 years

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