Quest Partners, LLC - Alphaquest - Original Program

Advisor Name: Quest Partners, LLC
Program Name: Alphaquest - Original Program
Address: 126 East 56th
19th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Telephone Number: 212.838.7222
Status: Managed Futures Advisor
Commodity Trading Advisor
Yearly Statistics
Year Return Drawdown Assets
2011 coming coming coming
2010 20.08 % coming coming
2009 -11.75 % coming coming
2008 55.77 % coming coming
2007 18.11 % coming coming
2006 25.72 % coming coming
2005 0.04 % coming coming
2004 -11.43 % coming coming
2003 2.74 % coming coming
2002 39.94 % coming coming
2001 17.17 % coming coming
2000 44.31 % coming coming
1999 -2.45 % coming coming

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