Paul Cabot a Market Wizard is profiled at Streetstories

Market Wizards Index: +8-9%
Compound annual over half a century

Fund or affiliation
State Street Investment Company, State Street Management and research.
Harvard University endowment for 17 years.
Realism and care.

Research Techniques Employed
"First youve got to get all the facts, and then youve got to face the facts. Not pipe dreams."
"Hes so careful" and "hes so fantastically thorough."

Trading/ Valuation Techniques Employed

Philosophy and beliefs

History and other facts
Considered "Dean of Institutional Investors" in Boston. And Boston is still the Vatican of trust investment.
Said "Christ, no! Havent any of you bastards ever been drunk?" regarding a cut on his forehead, at a JP Morgan board meeting.
Interrupted Alfred Sloan, "No,no! The hell with that! What I want to know is, when is it going to make some real dough?" on another JP Morgan board meeting.

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