Julian Robertson of Tiger Fund in Forbes Top 400

Forbes Top 400 1999

America's 400 Richest People.#139
Julian Robertson, Jr.
$1.7 billion
Hedge Funds, New York City.
67. Married, 3 Children.
After watching the assets of his Tiger Fund get slashed in half, to $11 billion, the hedge-fund manager told investors to expect Tiger to take a more activist role managing its investments. North Carolina native got start at Kidder, Peabody age 25. Felt constrained, move family to New Zealand to write book. Scrapped writing, move back to U.S. year later. Raised $8.8 billion to start Tiger, Robertson's preferred moniker for people he likes. Investment method: hear a story, analyze, buy aggresively if it feels right. Big favorites: Microsoft, Intel, Morgan Stanley, Eli Lilly.
Edited by Peter Newcomb

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