John Meriwether, former Saloman Bros. Trader, in Financial World

Financial World

Source: Financial World, October 21, 1996
Photograph by Larry Barnes/Black Star

Financial World
The Wall Street 100
By Stephen Taub, David Carey, Richard Coletti, Tom Bancroft
July 11, 1989
Page 49

No. 98 John Meriwether
At least $6 million

Despite the fact his department was responsible for a $100 million trading loss in the first quarter of this year, the 42-year-old chief of global risk management at Saloman Brothers continues to be the heir apparent to Chairman John Gutfreund.

Financial World
The Wall Street 100
By Stephen Taub, David Carey, Amy Barrett, Richard J. Coletti and Jackie Gold
July 10, 1990
Page 73

No. 73 John Meriwether
$8 million

Most highly compensated executive at Saloman Brothers. Avoided limelight until his celebrated standoff with Chairman John Gutfreund was glorified in Liar's Poker, the best-seller about Wall Street life. The story has it that Gutfreund challenged Meriwether to a hand of liar's poker on the trading floor with the stakes set at $1 million. The unflappable Meriwether called Gutfreund's bluff by offering to play for $10 million. The cards remained uncut, so no one knows just how brave these Wall Streeters were. A Chicago native, Meriwether, 43, has an MBA from University of Chicago, ranks as a Solly vice chairman and is head of global risk management. Poker not-withstanding, he's still considered Gutfreund's heir apparent.

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